Outerwear for your journey.

Tekkima®. It’s more than just a word or a brand. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of living. It’s a mission.

Tekkima’s identity is centered around living life to the fullest. You hear that a lot but what does it really mean to us as creators of a clothing brand? We think living life to its fullest is about DISCOVERY. To discover, you have to take action, explore, try new things, test yourself, and be willing to fail.

We also think living life to its fullest involves cultivating RELATIONSHIPS. It’s about engaging with different cultures, and generations, and it’s about finding new ways to view the world through these encounters.

Through discovery and relationships we LEARN about ourselves, about our world and all that exists within it.

And as a result, life becomes one big, continuous, ADVENTURE.

Discovery, relationship, learning, adventure. These are the things that we keep in mind as we design our outerwear. To live life to the fullest, you need gear that is versatile and durable. You need gear that is fit for the journey, no matter where life takes you.

We make use of technical features like waterproof/breathable fabrics, seam taping, and ergonomic fit. We incorporate other features like adjustable and stowaway hoods, two-way zippers, and multiple pockets conveniently placed for your mobile devices and other must-haves. We design our jackets and coats with an urban aesthetic for multi use so whether you are hustling in urban environments or being tested in challenging natural conditions, Tekkima clothing will have you covered.

Finally, our men’s outerwear is priced for value. When you have many choices in men’s outerwear, you shouldn’t have to spend an entire paycheck on your jacket or coat, hoodie or pullover.

As we prepared to launch Tekkima, we gave a lot of thought to what kind of environment would best capture the essence of our brand and what it stands for. We also wanted to see how our outdoor apparel would perform. Oregon, the land that’s just as versatile as our jackets, was the choice.