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The Canadian Rockies (or so we thought...)

smoke filled air near Whistler, Canada


Navigator Wax Cotton Field Jacket
Prevail 3-Season Parka
Cascade Bomber Jacket
Venture Fleece Hoody
Overland Vest
Endeavor Knit Watch Cap 

Our Tekkima Fall 2017 photo shoot started out with the best of intentions. The plan was for our photo team to work its way from California’s Tahoe area up to Lake Louis and Banff in the Canadian Rockies, then over to Whistler Mountain, British Columba before heading back to California.

The problem was the fires. Scores of them spreading smoke and dust all over the region which played havoc on our photo shoots… And then, to make matters more challenging, our photographer suffered a hairline leg fracture!

So the team got resourceful and headed down to the coast - where they could breathe - and went sailing - which didn't required much walking.  Our photo session featured our Venture fleece hoodie and Overland Vest.   Our hoodie is the perfect weight for cool mornings and when the wind freshens, layering up with the Overland Vest keeps you comfortable.  Our Endeavor knit watch cap is the perfect add-on.

Back in California and still limping, our wind and weather resistant Navigator wax cotton field jacket proved the perfect companion for an adventure photo shoot atop Sierra Buttes Fire Lookout.

 The area was also an excellent backdrop to showcase our Prevail 3-in1 parka.  The Prevail is a versatile 3 season parka and can be worn with or without the zip-in vest.


Finally, the trip was finished at Lake Tahoe where we photographed our Cascade insulated bomber jacket that combines waterproof fabric with a distinctive racing stripe design.  


Photo credits and special thanks to James Adamson at and his team for their persistence, resourcefulness, and great work!

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