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The Upscout

Navigator 1
The Navigator from Tekkima is a great new take on the classic waxed cotton field jacket. Unlike its British grandfather, the Navigator is a lightweight and very flexible waxed cotton that still sheds water and looks classy. There are pockets all over without looking like a weirdo.
The two cargo pockets in the front hide two hand pockets underneath and the single chest pocket is a zip close. The main zipper is two-way, which I always appreciate in a jacket that is made for inclement weather. On the inside, there are two more large pockets and a smaller velcro chest pocket that can easily hold your boarding pass, map, or other essential. The cuffs tighten with a button and both the hood and waist can be cinched tighter.
This is the best combination of a lightweight rain jacket and waxed cotton adventure coat I’ve seen. It manages to ride the line between a semi-technical shell and stylish outerwear with an aplomb that is rare these days. The polyester lining and lightweight made me forget that I was wearing the waxed cotton look that I love so much, but that wax kept me dry when the spray from a waterfall got everyone around me all wet. Overall, the Navigator is a solid addition to your wardrobe and you should head over to pick one up for $185 immediately.


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