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Return Policy

We guarantee your total satisfaction and in order to provide you with the best possible online shopping experience. We will offer a refund or exchange on any goods up to 7 days for local order and 14 days for overseas order from the purchase date. 



Returns/Exchange Reasons

Returns Freight

2nd Delivery Freight 

Defective goods, not match with the order

Covered by TEKKIMA

Covered by TEKKIMA

Change the size

Covered by the customer

Covered by TEKKIMA

Non-quality issues of return, other reasons

Covered by the customer

Covered by TEKKIMA

If the goods are damaged before they are used or if we ship the goods which are not in conformity with the order, we will provide the following arrangement:
  • After the customer returns the goods, we will refund the full amount of money and the courier fee of the goods paid by the customer to the same name of the payment instrument (his/her).  If it belongs to the wrong goods, we will arrange to re-send new products to your replacement. 
  • We offer a replacement size service for all orders
  • Non-quality problem of return, you need to bear the return shipping of goods 

Returns need to not affect the secondary sales, the following conditions will not apply for return:
  • Goods that have been washed, used, or damaged for your personal use;
  • For safety and hygiene purposes, personal items such as underwear, swimwear, socks;
  • The lack of product labels, tag;
  • The lack of goods with the gifts, accessories;
  • Non-quality gifts;
  • Exceeds the time limit for return request (Local shopping: 7 days; Overseas shopping: 14 days)
  • Sales products
  • The original invoice must be presented

If your goods due to quality problems need to return, local customers please contact our customer service within 7 days after receipt of goods. Overseas customers please contact our customer service within 14 days after receipt of goods and follow the return process.
China Mainland, Macau and Taiwan customers please be sure to choose SF Express for returning your products, freight will be refunded by us.
Note: However, if you do not contact us in advance, we will refund a standard shipping rate with an amount of HKD36. The excess will not be assumed.
In addition to mail return or exchange of goods by mail, Hong Kong customers can visit our showroom in person for returning or replacement. 
The following reasons do not apply to a return or replacement of the credentials, please understand:
  • As a result of light, computer monitor color or personal understanding of the different colors, resulting in photos and in-kind may be some color different.  This does not belong to the quality of goods.
  • The product details page provides the standard size table/physical tile measurement size, for your reference; due to manual measurement, different batches or personal measurement methods and other reasons, may be slightly different from your measurement results.
  • Please receive the goods in time to check whether the goods in good condition and try on timely return requirements. More than 7 days (local)/14 days (overseas) or above quality problems can not be returned for your operation.
  • Some of the goods there will be a special production process or retro do the old design, not a quality problem.
  • Some of the goods due to production process or fabric processing reasons, after washing will be a little fade or deformation. In the scope of quality testing standards are normal circumstances, can not be dealt with according to quality problems; the other due to detergent or improper washing methods will cause this situation, please following the instructions for washing.

  1. To return your product, please email to Customer Service Department ( 7 days (local)/14 days (overseas) upon receipt of the goods (subject to express delivery date) and attention to "Return Department".  Please include your order number and delivery number. After receiving a return request, we will assign a return processing order number for you.
  2. Please contact SF Express (customer service phone: 00852-2730 0273) for returning the goods, together with the shopping list, gifts, accessories (if applicable), send to this address:  Unit 2105, 21/F., Billion Plaza, 8 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Special note:
  1. You must send the returned merchandise within 7 days (local)/14 days (overseas) after receiving the goods  (subject to the express delivery date).
  2. If your return of goods and returns application does not match, your return processing time will be extended. 
  3. When you submit the return application, please ensure that you fill in the real and effective courier information, so as not to affect your return processing time.

On import duties: If the Mainland China customs impose the relevant import duties, you need to bear the cost. (Please note that Customs may impose duties and VAT on parcels in excess of USD100, at which time you will be responsible for such charges)

  1. Within 5 business days from the receipt of the returned goods (may be extended during the promotion period), the Customer Service Specialist will handle the corresponding return and refund procedures for the customer. 
  2. The refund amount is limited to the purchase price, you order to pay the delivery freight will not the returned.
  3. The refund amount is based on the actual amount paid by the user
  4. For non-quality refunds, you need to bear freight for the returned goods
  5. When the return occurs, if the goods in order to participate in promotional activities caused by the amount of order discount differences, according to the following rules: for quality problems caused by the return, the customer can continue to enjoy the original concessions; for non-quality problems caused by the return, the original offer will be canceled.
  6. Returns the customer service commissioner will calculate the refund amount according to the above rules 
  7. Upon return of the goods, we will refund the full amount of the payment and the freight of the goods to the same name of the payment instrument (his/her).
Please note: Depending on the payment method, it will take from 1-7 business days for the remittance from TEKKIMA to arrive at your account.

  1. The activities of goods not satisfied after the return of preferential conditions need to deduct the corresponding discount, the order of other goods to restore the original price
  2. An order can only submit a return/exchange request ONCE and set of goods can not be returned/exchange separately.
  3. To submit a return request, please ensure that you fill out the real and effective courier information, so as not to affect your return and processing. 
We advise you to obtain proof of postage.